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Western Territory
Territorial Headquarters: Long Beach, CA

Central Territory
Territorial Headquarters: Des Plaines, IL

Eastern Territory
Territorial Headquarters: West Nyack, NY

Southern Territory
Territorial Headquarters (star on map): Atlanta, GA
1. Adult Rehabilitation Center Command Atlanta, GA
2. Evangeline Booth College Atlanta, GA
3. Georgia Divisional Headquarters Norcross, GA
4. Florida Divisional Headquarters Lutz, FL
5. Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi Divisional Headquarters Jackson, MS
6. Texas Divisional Headquarters Dallas, TX
7. Arkansas & Oklahoma Divisional Headquarters Oklahoma City, OK
8. Kentucky & Tennessee Divisional Headquarters Louisville, KY
9. Maryland & West Virginia Divisional Headquarters Baltimore, MD
10. National Capital& Virginia Divisional Headquarters Washington, DC
11. North & South Carolina Divisional Headquarters Charlotte, NC



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Southern Territory
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