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Workforce Success


Workforce success is about choosing talent that fits both job and company.  Choosing the right talent is a complex task in today’s market – and no one vendor has all the answers.  Knowing whom you hire before they officially become an employee lets you mitigate the potential risk of a bad hire.  

Employee Screening and Candidate solutions help ensure that your organization’s HR efforts are working toward a common goal, allowing you to take your business success to a whole new level.  With employee screening and candidate management solutions from Sterling , you’ll streamline and automate your HR processes, give yourself a single view of all candidates and ensure workforce safety and compliance.  

Accuracy, Compliance, Turnaround Time and Personal service - that’s the Sterling difference.  

Uncompromising Accuracy and Compliance: Accurate background searches depend on a combination of technology and professional-level expertise. Our team of local experts blend both to ensure you receive accurate, compliant employment background screening results. Our team delivers only see data straight from the source.


Sterling is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Founded in 2003 as a non-profit trade association, NAPBS represents the interests of companies offering employment and background screening services. We hold seats on key committees, including the government affairs committee, to advocate for the screening industry with both federal and state authorities. We track compliance legislation nationally and keep you informed of relevant changes.


Turnaround Time: Sterling solutions deliver the information hiring managers need to make informed hiring decisions quickly.  Solutions built on the latest, secure web technologies, our penchant for leveraging technology delivers an advantage in the delivery of records.  


Personal Service: Regardless of the size of the businesses, all Sterling customers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who delivers direct, personal service. By building an understanding of how our customers work, Sterling Account Managers can customize our solutions to deliver the right results while saving our customers time, money, and hassle. Over 3,500 customers, from Fortune 100 firms to small businesses, know they will continually receive the personal service and quality data that is essential to managing their HR responsibilities legally and cost effectively.


At Sterling We are Focused on Your Workforce Success

We understand that today’s HR departments need to get more done with fewer resources. Our solutions deliver integrated tools, information, and personal support that help HR managers work smarter—improving efficiency, hiring quality, and ultimately, time to hire. Through internal development and strategic vendor relationships, we continue to deliver fully compliant and innovative solutions that enhance productivity and facilitate business decisions.


Screening Direct TM


Reduce Risks with Accurate, Compliant Background Checks

Fibs, omissions, and lies are all too common on resumes. Do you really know who you are hiring? Reduce the risk of a bad hire—and a negligence lawsuit— with accurate, compliant background checks. Through a combination of technology and expert personal service, Sterling quickly and affordably delivers the criminal records, identity, health, and employee drug testing you need to make informed decisions and reduce workplace risk. Plus, Sterling Screening DirectTM enables human resources to streamline the hiring process with integrated tools that make ordering background checks and tracking applicant data fast and easy.

Eliminate Doubt with Background Checks

Know who you are hiring before you expose your company to risk. Sterling provides over 300 background check options including:

       Criminal records check

       Civil litigation check

       SSN identity and US employment eligibility e-verify

       Employment, education, credential and credit verification

       Alcohol and drug screening

       Occupational health screening


Accurate, Compliant Employment Background Screening

An inaccurate background check is as dangerous as not running one at all. False reports lead to embarrassment (at best) or lawsuits, while incomplete reports expose your company to significant risk on the job. As a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, Sterling has been a leading provider of reliable background checks for nearly a decade. Our team of local experts “hand-pull” criminal court records and tap into local, state, and national databases to quickly deliver complete background search results only from proven, reliable, and compliant sources. To ensure defensible neutrality and ease the burden on staff when issues arise in background checks, consider our managed Client Matrix Application services and managed adverse action services.


Fast, Affordable Background Check Options

Sterling combines leading-edge applicant tracking and background check software to deliver background checks affordably—and fast. With a menu of background check services, you choose only what you need. More about our comprehensive background and drug screening services.


Personal Service

Every Sterling client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who works to understand your business and the hiring regulations for your geographic region and industry. Your account manager provides another layer of vigilance to ensure compliance to hiring regulations while simultaneously presenting customized solutions that help you use only the background checks and drug screening tests you need, saving you time and money. Learn more about personal service.


Streamline Background Screening Workflow—Anytime, Anywhere

Sterling web-based software delivers the background check results your team needs, when and where you need them. With online ease and flexibility, human resources managers can order, review, and organize background check information quickly and easily. Our technology streamlines the background screening workflow while building in compliance safety checks along the way. Learn more about Sterling HR technology.


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Personal Service
Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who provides consistent, one-on-one communication.
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