You have been invited to provide information to Sterling Talent Solutions for the purpose of initiating a background check.

.: You are providing consent to your potential employer, whether direct, under contract or as a volunteer, to initiate a background check. Completing the information does not always mean that a background check will be performed.
.: Before completing the information, you will be advised of your rights under federal and state laws, which govern background screening for employment purposes, whether direct, under contract or as a volunteer.
.: Information reported on your background check can not be used to adversely affect your employment, whether direct, under contract or as a volunteer, without providing you the opportunity to contest the accuracy of the report.
.: The information you provide is confidential and will only be delivered to the clearly specified recipient(s) listed on the background check consent form.

Please have the following information ready, prior to beginning the application process. This information may be required to complete the application and consent process:

.: Residential addresses for the last seven years.
.: Previous and current employment addresses and contact information; especially phone numbers.
.: School locations, major, degree and year of graduation, if applicable.

For verification purposes, copy & paste the invitation code you were provided, and click [Begin].
(For Technical support, please contact Sterling Talent Solutions at 888.889.5248 between 6am - 5pm EST.)

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